The 5 benefits of coconut oil that you need to know about

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Coconut oil is one of those ingredients that could easily be featured in our superfoods articles (link) - but its health and beauty benefits go beyond its culinary use. A unique combination of fats, nutrients and acids prove coconut oil to be a spectacular ingredient to add to your diet and your beauty regime.

Here is our ultimate list of 5 top coconut oil benefits:

#1 Fighting gray hair

Coconut oil’s super powers reverse the natural graying process of aging hair without using toxic dyes or complicated processes. Chemicals used in hair dyes are very concentrated and the absorption of toxins is inevitable - but if you use only natural products, you can get the same results without any of the harm. The benefits for hair don’t stop there - coconut oil also contains natural strengthening properties and can help your tresses to recover in hydration and appearance. Applying coconut oil to your locks and scalp every night, followed by a gentle massage, will help bring your hair back to health and color.

#2 Fighting pathogens and bacteria

Lauric acid is highly present in coconut oil and indulging in a spoonful every now and then promotes the formation of monolaurin, a monoglyceride that kills bacteria and yeast. This makes coconut one amazing ally against infections and diseases.

#3 Promotes weight loss

The sources of the calories you ingest matter. Eating 200 calories in the form of vegetables and fruits or taking in the same amount of calories in junk food isn’t a level playing field; these calories affect our bodies and hormones. While coconut oil may be high in natural fat, this comes with the ability to reduce appetite while simultaneously increasing your natural metabolism. It’s a win-win; coconut oil both helps you to burn more calories (with no effort involved) as it reduces your appetite.

#4 Healthy at heart

Among the health benefits you can receive from a regular intake of coconut oil is the reduction of the LDL cholesterol and the increase of the HDL cholesterol; a reduction in the risk of heart disease and a improvement of cardiovascular health. Need we say more?

#5 Smart choices

Coconut oil can boost brain functions and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The oil acts as an energy source that feeds the brain, keeping its cells healthy. And a healthier brain = smarter choices; so why not start now testing these benefits for yourself?

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