Workout for 2: the best songs.

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Every day we witness the same routine: across all our gyms, people hit our health club and perform the workouts and classes of their choice. It's mainly an individual project, at least according to our experience.

Maybe it can be different. Maybe you shouldn't be doing it alone.
Maybe it's time to consider that when you cross our doors you can not only improve your own health and well-being but your romantic relationship. Since this is Valentine's Day month, why not start exercising with your partner?

To give you the right tune and motivate you both to hit the gym together, we've compiled a list intended for all the lovebirds out there that want to start this journey together.

We'll start with iconic love songs from the 80's like Blondie, The Cure or The Smiths, to remind you that love is still the best cardio exercise you can make. We move forward then to 2000's with the likes of The White Stripes or Arctic Monkeys to show you that all generations have a love anthem.

Here and there, you travel back in time for a taste of some old classics like The Kinks and The Beatles. After all, "all you need is love."

Click here, listen and enjoy.

Posted in Wellness