BootCamp in Holmes Place Balmes

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BootCamp training

Holmes Place Balmes in Barcelona ​​launches a new functional room: the new BootCamp. A group training space with state-of-the-art equipment.

The last space inaugurated in the Club will feature different activities of 30 minutes of interval training, in a combination of cardio, agility, coordination, and strength. Classes are meant to be for small groups, a maximum of 12 people, guided by an instructor, and fully adapted to the needs and abilities of each.

We follow a training formula of high intensity and maximum fun for you to enjoy your Work of the Day, working all your muscles and activating your metabolism.

The technology implemented in the machines of this new room will allow you to take control of your effort. Connect your heart rate monitor and you will see your performance reflected on the screen, as well as that of your colleagues.

This diaphanous space will not only host several daily sessions of directed training, but also a room where all the members can do their training routine as usual. This means more options in personal training, fitness machines with greater possibilities, more training gadgets and greater integration between sport and technology.

BootCamp is a new formula for you to continue enjoying what you do, in a place where you feel comfortable and surrounded by people who will help you improve.

Let the training begin!

Date: fev 01, 2019 - fev 01, 2019

Club: Balmes

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