Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of the Member

Holmes Place has full freedom to accept or reject registration requests for its complementary services.

  • The candidate will enjoy the service once he has paid the corresponding payment for the requested service.
  • The condition of the acquisition of the service is conditioned to the acceptance and compliance by the partner of these terms and conditions, being binding for both parties.
Delimitation of Responsibilities

The Club is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of the personal property of the member that is deposited at the locker.

Registration, Payment and Cancelation of Locker’s Service

The club reserves the right to charge a deposit, which is returned at the time the member withdraws from the service. In case of cancellation due to default or non-payment, this deposit will not be refunded unless the outstanding payments are settled.

In case of cancellation of the locker’s service, you must communicate in writing at the reception of the club before the 20th day of the month before the cancellation, otherwise, the receipt will be automatically charged. The club will reserve the right to proceed with its return.

In case of withdrawal as a member of the club for any reason, the member will lose the right to use his locker, having to withdraw their things before the effective date of the cancelation, this is day 1.

In view of the previous case, the breach will imply that the club proceeds to the opening of the subscriber's box office when its objects are eliminated, that if they are not claimed within a maximum period of 15 days will be delivered to a charity.

Registration, Payment and Cancelation of Courses

The course must have a minimum number of participants and if the places are not covered, the club can cancel it or change it, making a refund of the amount paid for the registration of the course.

In the event that the instructor does not attend any of the sessions for any reason, the club reserves the right to modify it or postpone the sessions of the course being its end date after the agreed upon at the time of registration.

Change of Fee

If you have been registered for less than 12 months, the member must pay the difference between the registration fees the first time the schedule changes from Off-Peak to Full-Time.

In any case of change of the fee the Club will adjust the difference charging monthly.