Six perfect fitness gifts for Yogis and athletes

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​Need a gift for the fitness fanatic in your life? These handful of ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any athlete - whether they enjoy yoga, running, or simply hitting the gym.

Looking for that special gift for the awe-inspiring athletic in your life? Perhaps you're stuck for ideas on what to buy the Yogi who already seems to have the whole ensemble? These five inspiring fitness gift ideas will ease your Christmas shopping woes and have you sprinting to the shops in no time.

1. For those who like to step out in stealth: Vivobarefoot shoes

Vivobarefoot Stealth II Otillo Swimrun Womens shoes are sure to be well-received determined by any athletic female. These lightweight minimalist road shoes are designed to keep your feet cool in the heat, with a super-thin sole providing sensory feedback. Breathable webbing and vegan mesh assist in the coolness factor so “viva la vegan” and give the gift of pure comfort. Vivobarefoot are so confident that the brand’s product comes with a 100-day money back trial for barefoot beginners. 

2. For a music lover with moves: Bose wireless headphones 

Working out to our favourite music can help us go harder and longer, whether its melodic rhapsody or blood-pumping rock. But how many times are we interrupted when headphones fall out of our ears? Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones ends all workout/headphone annoyances. This nifty bit of tech has been engineered with sport in mind - designed to stay right where they should be (in your ears), not dangling round the treadmill like a party streamer. Even better, they’re equipped with water-repellent mesh to stop any water damage during outdoor sports and one charge gives a lengthy five hours of play time.

3. For the data driven athletes: Fitbit Alta HR

Top of the pick for those with passion for monitoring their healthy lifestyle, the Fitbit Alta HR was rated 2017 fitness tracker of the year in the Wearable Tech Awards 2017. This Fitbit tracks everything from walks to workouts and from REM to running. Features include step-tracking, optical heart rate, sleep-monitoring and smart track automatic exercise detection. Swappable bands are an added feature for those who like to accessorise while working out. 

4. For Yogis who strive to protect and connect: Sustainable yoga bricks

Gift well and help save the planet: these Cork Yogi Brick from Yogaclicks are both environmentally friendly and essential for yoga lovers. Sturdy and non-slip, they’re made from 90 sustainable harvested corks from Portugal. The gripping surface adds extra safety and stability while aiming for alignment with those difficult-to-reach poses. As well as being easy to clean and impossible to dent, they aid in the fight against plastic and foam pollution as well as global warming - a gift that any earth-loving Yogi will cherish. 

5. For those who need to get a grip: ToeSox

While many Yogis may prefer to stay loyal to the barefoot tradition, these Half Toe Mia Grip Socks by ToeSox bring many advantages to yoga, pilates and dance-inspired classes (they’re perfect for Holmes Place Ballet Flow). With open toes, these socks provide the perfect combination for those who enjoy the freedom of bare feet while giving all the benefits of socks. High-impact workouts or hot temperatures can induce sweating, dripping onto workout spaces and creating an area less workable - the ToeSox anti-slip sole is the perfect remedy for this. 

6.  For those who just need to relax after a great workout

Uncover the Holmes Place spa treatments and relaxation suggestions and offer a wellness gift. Invite a friend to visit the Club with you and share the wellbeing. 

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Publicado en Lifestyle and tagged Lifestyle, Holidays , Christmas, Gifts, Fitness, Wellness.