Why makeup and workouts don’t work together

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Are you one of those people who refuse to leave the house without your daily skin regime and full facial application of makeup? Even when you’re working out? Well, get that remover to hand - here’s why makeup and workouts don’t work.

Going to the gym should be about the real you - your health, fitness and overall well being. It should be about the enjoyment, the experience and belonging to a club. It is possibly a routine you cannot stray from… and maybe your makeup is part of that routine. 

There are all kinds of reasons we might wear makeup to the gym. Insecurities, wanting to be attractive to others, hiding birthmarks or skin conditions such as acne, or maybe simply because you workout straight after work and don’t bother removing it. 

Instagram and celebrity fitness videos are often presented by women who look like they’ve just stepped out for a red carpet event. It’s small wonder we’re a little conscious of what we look like at the gym. But the only reason they look so aesthetically perfect (even when they’re supposed to be sweating) is because they want you to believe that you too can look perfect too. Behind the scenes, nobody wears makeup during exercise if they want healthy glowing skin.

The perfect recipe for bad skin

Why do we workout? We workout because we are health conscious, we workout because we want to look good, we want to live longer, we want to be attractive. When it comes down to it we basically all workout to be healthy.

Skin care writer Alexis Diaz asked dermatologist Annie Chui why makeup should be avoided when working out for beauty blog The Klog. Annie explains how makeup and sweat clogs pores and prevents natural perspiration. In her own words: “Makeup gives germs something to cling to”.

If you wear makeup at all times due to spots, pimples and acne then wearing makeup while working out will only increase these skin conditions further. Exercise increases blood circulation, which also increases sweat. Sweat combined with the oils in foundation and blusher is the perfect recipe for more spots. 

Beauty training - Fitness for the face

Exercise is good for the skin. Regular exercise is linked to longer telomeres, which help with the regeneration of skins and the rate your skin ages. The sweat we produce engaging in a workout expels an oily secretion known as sebum from our pores. By wearing makeup, we’re preventing the skin from carrying out its function. 

Skin is the largest organ of our body and we should treat it as we do with all of your our body. However, if you simply cannot rid your face of makeup for the gym then you could always try products specially designed for it. 

But the key message here is this: instead of focusing on covering up your face with foundation, contouring, powder and the likes, make the health and age of your skin first priority. Holmes Place have a brilliant team of friendly staff and amenities to help you keep your skin healthy, take a look at our list of beauty and wellness services to see how we can help bring out the best in your skin.

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Publicado en Lifestyle and tagged Wellness , Beauty, Skin , Spa, fitness, workout , sweat .