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Our vision

We believe that living well is a life journey.

A journey that should always be enjoyable and fulfilling.

A journey that is enhanced by the power of community.

A journey that celebrates progress.

A journey that inspires your whole life.

Our Story

Holmes Place

It all started in 1980 with one club in Chelsea, London. Set in a “cul-de-sac” the brand made its way up to cult and state-of-the-art as Allan Fisher, one of the original three founders, took over the enterprise.


The start

Ellie Flenga, current CEO of Holmes Place Greece, got inspired when reading the HP magazine, stating that clubs were opening in Spain and Portugal. She initiated contact with HP’s CEO Allan Fisher and opened the first premium health club in Greece, Holmes Place Maroussi, in January of 2002.


The flagship

In October 2005, the company’s second club opened, Holmes Place Athens, our flagship club, giving renewed energy to the Athenian lifestyle by becoming the perfect wellness getaway in the heart of the city!


Growing further

10 years later, Holmes Place opened its third club, Holmes Place Glyfada, in an ultramodern building of high standards and a luxurious environment which quickly became the favorite wellness destination for those who choose wellness as a way of life.


Evolution & Renewal

Evolution is an essential part of every long and exciting journey. So Holmes Place went further by renewing the brand with contemporary, yet timeless messages. Our journey has already been long... but the best is yet to come!


Our journey continues

After 16 years, Holmes Place's brand values and philosophy stay the same, because they are timeless. So, we keep inspiring our members with a smile on our faces, supporting them to choose a healthy lifestyle and enjoy their daily journey towards well-being.


Become a part of our global team and let's create the history together.