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Holmes Place | Charity4SPORTS


What is Charity4SPORTS?

4 years ago, we founded #Charity4SPORTS, a pioneering global initiative aiming to establish that the love for sports and wellness can unite people and serve a good cause.

Through this initiative and with your contribution, we managed to gather more than 70.000 euros during the last 3 years, supporting foundations like ELEPAP & MAKE A WISH. Since last year, our fundraising is directed toward supporting the Non-Profit Organization “Αθλητισμός για Όλους-Charity4SPORTS, backing Greek champions who aim to compete in top sporting events.

In specific, #Charity4SPORTS supports Katerina Divari (17 years old, Sailing Athlete, RSX windsurf), Marios & Kostas Grapsas (21 & 18 years old respectively, Trampolining Gymnastics Athletes), Nikos Papaggelis (18 years old, Para-cycling Athlete) and Apostolos Christou (21 years old, Swimming Athlete). All of them will compete for their participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Our goal in #Charity4SPORTS is to continue supporting those athletes and, in the same time, embrace more young people that aspire to pursue their athletic dreams and put Greece on the highest pedestal in the next Olympic Games.

You can help!

We are very pleased that our cause Αθλητισμός για όλους is incorporated in the act4Greece crowdfunding program, a National Bank pioneering initiative supporting our whole society. The act4Greece program introduces Αθλητισμός για όλους via the electronic platform,  to gather resources for the support and aid of the 4 promising Greek athletes. There you can find more information about our cause Αθλητισμός για όλους and make your donation. Donations can also be made at the act4Greece kiosks that are available in all Holmes Place Clubs. We are confident that - with your generous support - our young athletes will reach their targets and achieve their goals.

It’s worth uniting our efforts! Sports contribute in the development of a society with fundamental values, a society based in the joy of trying and alowing the harmonious development of man.


Charity4SPORTS Ambassadors

Holmes Place Ambassadors are members who love sports like the rest of us and aim to successfully compete in a big sports event of their choice, while supporting the non-profit organization ‘Charity4SPORTS’ which aims to help and endorse Greek Champions (Teens & Adults).

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