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Holmes Place | Youlika Skafida running


Holmes Place Ambassadors are members who love sports like the rest of us and aim to successfully compete in a big sports event of their choice, while supporting the non-profit organization ‘Charity4SPORTS’ which aims to help and endorse Greek Champions (Teens & Adults).

When she was young, she dreamed of becoming an astrophysicist - studying the stars and the galaxies. Growing up, she was fascinated by people and decided to focus on the observation of human behavior. So, she became an actor, but sports remained her great love. She was an athlete, a sprinter of the Messinian GC and later on, she became a long distance runner. After a short pause because of her diagnosis with two autoimmune diseases – she decided to make a comeback with the knowledge that "must" and "want" can be reconciled, but also with the joy of conveying the message of human will power.

ATHLETIC GOAL: Stockholm Halvmarathon, 15 September 2019 and Paris Half Marathon, 10 March 2019

"After a lot of thought and research, I finally found my running goal! I will participate in the semi-marathon of Stockholm, which takes place in mid-September and is a route I will not have a problem with or get stressed bybecause of my job. So, Stockholm Halvmarathon, it is! I also decided to run in Paris Half Marathon, in March and it will be my honor to run with the charity4Sports T-shirt!".

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