Holmes Place welcomes the new Ergometrics Centre, myathlete!

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The new Ergometric Center, myathlete, operating within Holmes Place Glyfada, aims to help the practitioner and the athlete, exercise in a safe, structured and efficient manner. Nikos Dimitriadis, with 20 years of knowledge and experience in ergometrics and coaching can assess your physical condition and give instructions for its improvement.

The team at myathlete, including a nutritionist and trainers who have excelled in Greek and international sporting events, can create the right conditions that will help athletes achieve their goals. Based on the above parameters and on each member’s background and time availability, they tailor the perfect training plan for each member.

The team at myathlete has also another aim: to promote human health through exercise, in a safe manner. For this, we created the ergometric review myhealth, which provides an overall health assessment (through a series of measurements) and the right consultation, in order to encourage the uptake of a personalized physical training program.

Furthermore, knowing how important exercise is from an early age, we created mykids Running Club. Through play and from a very early age, we train each child to exercise and eat properly, both important habits for physical and mental development, as well as, socialization skills.

The laboratory at Ergometric Centre myathlete is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the reliable measurements of physical fitness and overall health. With the expertise of its scientific team the Centre can assess all those who wish to join an exercise program as well as Olympic level athletes.

More specifically, it is targeted at three categories:

• Those who exercise already or want to start an exercise program
• Individual sport athletes (running, cycling, swimming, tennis, martial arts, etc.) and team sport athletes (sailing, soccer, etc.)
• Companies for group employee measurements Holmes Fitness Assessment.

The evaluation includes:

Aerobic Capacity (maximal oxygen uptake, anaerobic threshold , heart rate zones, coaching burden for safe exercise)
Anaerobic Capacity (maximum power, speed, coaching for improved capacity)
Strength (upper leg, muscle imbalances, explosiveness , muscle strength , isometric strength )
Body Composition (fat measurement )
Basic Metabolism (consumption of carbohydrates and fats)

Based on the results, clear instructions are given on skill improvement, as well as, personalized workout programs (mytraining), which may be accompanied by personal dietary guidelines (mynutrition).

The myathlete team:

Athanasia Tsoumeleka , Olympic Medalist – Physical Fitness instructor
Chara Skoulariki, Sports Nutritionist
Panagiotis Stroumbakis, Champion Athletics , Professor Physical Fitness, Physiotherapist
Carolina Skourti, Champion Athletics , Professor Physical Fitness
Maria Protopappa, Champion Athletics , Professor Physical Fitness
Popi Astropekaki, Marathon champion, Physical Fitness instructor
Denise Dimaki, Triathlon Champion
Christos Rantos, Masters Cycling Champion.

Opening Days / Hours:

The Ergometric Centre myathlete is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 21:00.
For more information or to book an appointment, contact Holmes Place Glyfada, tel: 210 9690096 or call: 6974372004.

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