Six reasons to try Float Fit

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Think you’ve tried every workout and nothing’s floating your boat anymore? This 30-minute class won’t only have you splashing with joy; it’ll hoist up your health and make waves with your friends, too.

Water has 12 times the resistance of air, which has seen aqua classes making waves around the world over the past few years. The resistance you feel trying to stay afloat standing on a raft gets your muscles hard at work on its own, so when you’re engaging in a full workout on top of the water, prepare for serious toning potential.

With this high-intensity workout increasing in popularity each year, it’s no surprise that people are splashing out to keep fit. But what exactly can it do for your body and wellness? Dip your toes in the water and find out...

What is FloatFit?

A cocktail of classic circuit training drills, performed on an AquaBase floating water mattress (which can’t drift) in the middle of a swimming pool, with a large glug of laughter and fun. 

What are the benefits of FloatFit?

1.  It’s a full body workout:

FloatFit at Holmes Place will exercise parts of your body without you even realising. The need to stay afloat will teach you to concentrate on your posture and strengthen your core while concentrating on burpees, planks, lunges and squats. 

2.  Good for all age groups:

Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between these FloatFit classes are suitable for all. Nobody takes it too seriously!

3.  Improves proprioception (posture, to you and I):

If you’ve ever tried surfing or even waterboarding you’ll understand the need to stay balanced, afloat and upright at times. This is no different. The way you stand on the board is indicative of whether you stay in or out of the water. Your balance is the only thing helping you stay on that mat so concentrating on manoeuvring, controlling and adjusting your stance to aid your posture.

4.  It’s so much fun and will make you feel good:

This class is not only excellent for keeping fit but it will also have you producing endorphins with all the laughter. You’ll never attend a FloatFit class without hearing the giggles of participants as they fall into the water - especially on your first session.

5.  Less impact on your joints:

For those with knee or joint difficulties, FloatFit is low-impact and will be the best workout you’ll ever try. Exercising on hard surfaces can contribute to joint difficulties, chronic knee and hip injuries - this workout is gentler and far less taxing on the joints. Eliminating the heavy impact on hard surfaces will assist your joints in every way to reach fitness levels other workouts can fail you on. 

6.  It’s only half an hour:

For those who lead busy lives, this FloatFit class won’t take up too much of your time, but it will make the absolute most of the time you’ve got. Don’t underestimate what can be done in 30 minutes - lunges, planks, burpees and squats... and all while trying to stay on top of the water. The best part? Ending with a splash.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Class , Group Classes, Fitness , Aqua, Float Fit.