Cross Training

Holmes Place | Healthier than yesterday
A high-intensity interval circuit workout that gives you strength, improves your stamina, increases your flexibility, stimulates your entire muscular system and defeats monotony thanks to the constant exercise alterations. Push your limits!


Holmes Place | healthier than yesterday
In this training you will learn the secrets of running, as well as, how to integrate cardiorespiratory training into your program.

Roller Express

Holmes Place | healthier than yesterday
We know that fitting fitness into your busy schedule is a challenge. That's why we have created Xpress classes. These innovative fitness programs offer all the benefits of small group training with the guidance of a qualified Trainer and all the fun of a group class in a condensed format, designed to fit into your busy routine. Experience Roller Xpress for revitalization, renewal and restoration in just 15 minutes.

30 Swimming Coaching

Holmes Place | 30 swimming coaching
A workout in the water is the safest form of training for the human body that also contributes to overall wellness and a better mood. Swimming is a cardio workout that increases your heartbeats and oxygen intake, providing multiple benefits for your body, such as lowering pressure, strengthening the heart, improving aerobic fitness and endurance, improving the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory system and reducing body fat percentage.

Pilates Mat Group Class

Holmes Place | Healthier than yesterday
Try a wellbeing-inspired class that helps you work on and improve your balance, stability and strength day by day. Spinal alignment and good posture are the main goals of the class, producing results that will last longer than the 60-minute class. At the same time, breathing deeply will boost the feeling of relaxation and guide all your movements. Transitions and poses are performed slowly in a controlled way, maintaining the necessary tension while toning the muscles and improving your body resistance.

Yoga Group Class

Holmes Place | healthier than yesterday
Find the path to your inner tranquility, peace and wellbeing. Take a break from your busy schedule and create quality time for yourself. Through Yoga practice you will get a sense of harmony and inner balance. Even a simple series of ASANAS (Yogi exercises) is enough to activate and strengthen your body and soul.


If Healthier Than Yesterday is your choice, we are here to inspire you and give you the motivation you need to start a brand new fitness journey* towards your personal renewal, in the best possible way. Do something good for yourself today and feel better than yesterday!

*The fitness journey of your choice and all the free trial programs it includes, can be activated only once, depending on availability and after making an appointment, and is valid for 2 weeks after sending your participation form. This offer applies ONLY TO NON-MEMBERS of Holmes Place Clubs.