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Mr.Stavros Karageorgiou, a successful lawyer, member of Holmes Place Athens, discusses his experience since joining us and the positive changes he achieved through exercising.

Would you share with us briefly your experiences at Holmes Place? In which way your decision to join Holmes Place has influenced your daily life and life in general?

Holmes Place offers all the necessary facilities for serious physical training and can even satisfy the needs of extremely busy people.

In cases where gym goers need to exercise early in the evening or noon, Holmes can cover their needs. Also, they empower their members with a feeling of wellness, a rejuvenation of their body not only in terms of physical wellness, but also psychologically for the rest of their day.

Would you describe to us exactly how your specific training method has helped your health?

Usually middle-aged men (with unhealthy lifestyle choices) who have a busy daily schedule, eat meals late in the evening, demonstrate high risk of heart failure even if there are no hereditary reasons involved. Furthermore, if someone is also a smoker this risk grows exponentially.

This is where exercise comes into the picture, along with many other opportunities that Holmes Place has to offer. Regular aerobic exercise, combined with a continuous effort to control my diet and weight, has undoubtedly helped me improve my health significantly, while at the same time, the facilities and services of the Club are decisively contributing to the strong effort everyone must make for his or her wellbeing.


You are a busy professional. How do you manage to combine regular exercise with your professional duties and why do you think it is important for someone to find time to work out?

It worked for me in a very simple way: my days and training hours are recorded on a diary (a gym diary) as if they were medical appointments. When you have a doctor’s appointment, do you arrange a normal business appointment at the same time? The answer, with a few exceptions of course, is obviously not! When this becomes a personal rule, both goals can easily be served: business obligations are squeezed in the rest of the day and a fixed schedule helps us exercise regularly. Besides, professional obligations cannot be fulfilled without a good state of health!

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