Pool workouts: full body pool exercises underwater fitness

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As the days get warmer the pool becomes even more appealing. But it doesn’t need to be all about swimming. Here are two workouts you can do at the pool. Dive into your best underwater gym circuit.

Pool Workouts are a great way to exercise with low-impact aerobics that increase resistance and body strength.

If you are used to having a full-body circuit workout at your club using machines it’s time for a rethink. Like most people who use a gym, this is the place most people are comfortable with working out and most think of the pool as a place to swim. But there are plenty of exercises you can do at the pool by yourself that have the benefit of being easier on bones and joints. Time to switch up your routine!

Pool Workout plan 1

Follow this video tutorial for your Pool Workout inspiration

Pool Workout plan 2

Our ‘map’ helps you to use your pool time effectively. With this exercise routine you don’t need to stick to the machines to get a full workout that meets your needs, sculpts your body and allows you to enjoy your training.

Adjust the amount of repetitions and intensity to your goals and keep it challenging enough.

Water angel wings – 15 repetitions

Push your straight arms in front of you with palms facing forward. Push back with palms facing backwards. Water will provide all the resistance you need. Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent.

water workout


Side kicks – 15 repetitions each side

These will increase the fun you have while you workout. Try not to touch the bottom of the pool for the complete kick to increase the challenge.

water workout

 Underwater kicks – 10 repetitions each side

Using the edge of the pool to support your arms and back bring your legs upwards in a straight motion alternating them.

water workout

Underwater leaps – 20 repetitions

Imagine underwater deep lunges with rhythm. Keep your pace and press the pool floor as you jump.

water workout

Find other exercises suitable for people with knee and/or joint problems here

Δημοσιεύθηκε στο Fitness and tagged Workout, Pool , Exercise, Training , Circuit.