Chic & simple gym hairstyles

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Chic & simple gym hairstyles messy french braid dutch braid hair ponytail gym fitness bun

More than a top bun or ponytails. Chic, simple and manageable gym hairstyles, in step-by-step tutorials that are simply perfect. Check-out a Duch crown braid and a messy French braid with video.

Calling all bed-heads - ever shot a glimpse of yourself in the mirror working out and whimpered at the dishevelled (can’t quite get away with saying boho) hair? Our appearance is certainly not top of our list of priorities when visiting the gym (and shouldn’t be), but for many, it’s important to look good when working out. And a solid gym hairstyle can be functional, too.

It’s doubtful that there’s a single long-haired person reading this who hasn’t been distracted by hair tumbling into their faces in the middle of a yoga flow. There’s probably not a single long-haired person reading this who hasn’t thought “there’s got to be more than a top bun or ponytail to try”, either. For those looking for for manageable gym hairstyles, these two step-by-step tutorials are simply perfect:

For a classy up-do: Dutch crown braid

Twisted updos with a bit of texture are gorgeous whenever, but they look especially great as a gym hairstyle. Remember, if you mess up it’s fine - it isn’t meant to be perfect. Here’s how to do it:

1.  Brush your hair to make sure it’s tangle-free and part it down the left side.

2.  Temporarily pin your hair back on the right-hand side of your head so that it doesn’t get in the way while you work on the left-hand side of your hair.

3.  Next, take a small section of hair from the left and separate it into three parts. Then take the strand closest to your face and place it under the middle strand. Next, take the outside strand and place it under the middle strand.

4.  Take the strand of hair closest to your face while gathering more unused hair into the braid and take this underneath the middle strand. Do the same with the strand furthest away from your face. Make sure the strands are neat and uniform in thickness.

5.  Leave hair at the very back of your head as this is not likely to get in the way of your workout. The hair left at the back of the head also adds a softer overall look. 

6.  Follow this process of gathering and braiding small quantities of hair until you come to the end of the braid. 

7.  Tie the end with a non-hair-tearing elastic band.

8.  Next, repeat on the right-hand side of your hair, starting with a section of hair closest to your face.

9.  Work your way down your hair braid using the same method of gathering in more small quantities of hair.

10.  Once the hair has been braided down the right side of the hair, tie this securely with a hair elastic. Both sides should now be braided evenly. 

11.  Finally, clip both braided sides together directly at the back of your head to form a seamless crown. 

For a perfectly imperfect look: Messy French braid

When it comes to this sleek gym hairstyle, it’s a case of the messier, the better. The chunky, lovely braids are beautifully simple to create. Brushes at the ready:

1.  To begin, brush your hair until it’s tangle free. Then take a midsection of hair omitting the sides. 

2.  As with the Dutch crown braid, separate the midsection of your hair into three segments of hair of even volume. Take the right strand and place it under the middle strand. Take the left segment of hair and now place that under the middle braid. 

3.  Continue to braid in this way while adding a small volume of hair each time from each side of the hair as you move down the head.

4.  Leaving no gaps and moving further down the hair, continue with this process of braiding until you are so far off the end of the hair. 

5.  Tie the end of the braid with a hair elastic. Now, take hold of the piece of hair that is just below the hair elastic and bring it up and over through the middle of the braid, making sure not to gather the unbraided hair at the nape of the neck. 

6.  Use the ends of the hair to wrap around the end of the braid, using the hair as an elastic and securing it under the wrapped circle you have formed. 

7.  The hair that’s left unbraided will have a natural messy, shaggy look and feel to it. Voila! One gym-ready French braid. 

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