5 DIY beauty treatments for the beach that are easy to make

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5 easy DIY beauty treatments - ideal for the beach. Sun-kissed skin, salt-sprayed hair and positive vibes, there’s nothing like that revitalising feeling after a day of good old vitamin sea. The beach isn’t just good for the soul, it comes with a plethora of beauty benefits too. We've already selected the 10 the top ways to prepare for summer and now we focus on DIY beauty tips. Now, on top of your vitamin D fix from those sunshine skies, you can enhance your coastal cleanse with some homemade beauty treatments.
From foot scrubs to facial pampering, turn a day at the beach into a spa-like experience with these low-cost, natural treatments you can prepare yourself:

Easy DIY beauty tips for before the beach

Natural hair removal

Forget time-consuming (not to mention expensive) salon appointments and make sure your legs are silky smooth with this homemade wax by The Hearty Soul. Consisting of honey, sugar and lemon, you’ve probably got the magic ingredients in your kitchen right now. The trick is to microwave the mixture slowly and apply it to your skin using old fabric strips - say goodbye to unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

Vinegar foot soak

If your feet are still feeling the effects of being trapped away all winter, they’ll need more than a lick of paint to get them beach-ready. This DIY foot soak remedy by Savory Lotus uses white vinegar and olive oil to take dry, dead skin off hardened heels. Moisturise your feet after you’ve soaked them and put on socks before bed to get them beautifully soft just in time for flip-flop season.

Easy DIY beauty tips at the beach

Coconut oil moisturiser

Coconut oil is remarkable - its antimicrobial, antioxidant qualities make it wonderful for protecting against free radical damage. For the beach, it makes the perfect body butter to soften skin - simply whip it up with an electric mixer. Ditch the chemical-laden lotions and try this pure, natural and inexpensive whipped coconut oil body butter from Living Living The Nourished Life. Mix in vitamin E oil and a few drops of your most-loved essential oils for extra summer scents.

Hair protection mask

Keep your locks radiantly silky under those golden rays with this DIY heat-protecting cream from Primally Inspired. The main ingredient is shea butter, whipped up into a fluffy butter. It’s a natural conditioner, taming frizz and preventing hair from drying out. Mixing in avocado oil not only preserves the fluffy consistency of shea butter, it’s packed with vitamin E and has a higher monounsaturated fatty acid content than extra virgin olive oil - making it the magic ingredient for healthy hair.

Easy DIY beauty tips for after the beach

Yoghurt after-sun soother

It’s easy to miss a patch or two when you’re applying sunblock on the beach. If you’re feeling the effects of the sun, slather those red patches with natural yoghurt to heal and restore. It helps to bring back the acid/alkaline balance of the skin to heal burnt skin. This DIY recipe from Your Beauty blends plain Greek yoghurt with chamomile tea to soothe irritated skin and flaxseed oil - calming inflammation and wiping out any bacteria.

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