Aula: Air Fit

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Want to fill your day with energy and fun? Air Fit is the trampolining class to bounce your way to fitness.

What can Air Fit do for you?

A complete body workout in a high-intensity class filled with rhythm and good energy that comes with plenty of benefits. With 10 minutes of air fit intensity you can have the equivalent results of running for 30 minutes without the same impact. Air fit also reduces the pressure in joints and bones when compared to exercises like running or squatting and you still get to have a high cardiovascular activity.

The science behind the class

Jumping can help improve bone density. Our amazing bodies respond to the acceleration and deceleration and gravitational pull of trampoline jumping with denser and stronger bones.

This will also benefit other activities you do as it reduces the chances of injuries. The unstable surface will have your body constantly searching for balance and this will result in increased ability of proprioception, equilibrium, coordination and motor skills.

Air Fit can help you burn up to 600-800 calories per class depending on your body type, overall physical conditions and intensity of exercise. And you won’t be noticing the effort as much as you would running on a treadmill. Trampoline jumping will also help kick start the metabolism and this will make your body able to ultimately burn more calories.

Posted in Fitness