September blues? How to fight the ‘back-to-work’ depression

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We’re all going on a, summer holiday… oh wait, sorry. You’ve just had yours. Our mistake. You’re headed back to work - and the idea doesn’t leave you with the sunniest disposition, to say the least.

Rest assured. We’re all on the same (non-cruise, sadly) boat. Nobody likes leaving paradise and returning to the office. But your back-to-work blues can be easily banished if you address them head on. Read our tips for a quick post-vacation lifestyle spruce and your dread of the daily grind will be a thing of the past.

Freshen up your routine 

Monday to Friday doesn’t have to equal work, work, work. There’s plenty of room in your everyday to switch up your schedule. Even the most minute tweak, such as changing the time that you exercise, can alter how you feel.

For instance, head to the gym before you go to the office as opposed to at lunchtime or in the evening. A quick burst of energetic movement before 9am will buoy your body with endorphins and adrenaline, supplying a much needed pre-morning meeting energy boost. A good way to go about this could be by attending one of our Holmes Place Xpress Classes, where you can enjoy quick, fifteen-minute bursts of activity whenever suits your schedule. Covering everything from circuit training to group sports, you’re bound to find something you’ll love: check out our Xpress Classes here.

Of course, exercise isn’t the only thing that can help your mood. What you ingest is also vital. recommends probiotic-rich foods for bossing a slump, along with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Perhaps most excitingly, they also advocate coffee, so there’s no need to feel guilty if you make a quick java stop on your commute. 

Remember to start implementing new healthier habits.

Embrace new experiences

Try something a little different by throwing yourself into a new project. Whether it’s a hobby that interests you or a gym class you’ve always wanted to sign up for, taking the plunge can be a great way to rejuvenate your routine and give you something to focus on (rather than how much you wish you were still in the Maldives). With Holmes Place classes, we make fitness both fun and delectably diverse. Get your groove on at one of our dance sessions, become a maestro of balance with a martial arts class or tap into your inner oasis with one of our holistic programmes. We also offer a range of ‘Signature’ classes, included in your gym membership - explore our range online to get started. Know more about our classes.

Focus on positivity-boosting exercises 

While all physical activities are great for your mood, there are a couple of exercises that’ll get your endorphins flowing en masse. These mainly fall into three categories: cardiovascular exercises, aerobics and yoga. The intense nature of the former two increases the release of your ‘happy chemicals’ (namely endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine) which elevate your mood. Yoga, on the other hand, focuses more on helping you reach a place of mindfulness through careful breathing, balancing and motion. Pay attention to these when you workout and you’ll have that spring in your step back in no time. 

Don't forget to get back to routine with the best sound track.

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Publicado em Lifestyle and tagged Work, Routine, Habits, Stress, Fitness.