Low-cost gyms: Are they really a good idea?

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While it can be tempting to grab a cheap membership, low-cost gyms aren’t always the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals. They may offer a monthly fee which includes a range of classes and the basic equipment you need, but many budget gyms are used with a more ‘get in, work out, get out’ mentality.

Whether you’re passionate about fitness or signing up for your first ever membership, stepping into a top-quality gym can be the biggest motivator you’ll ever get. All around you, you’ll find pristine machines and weights, kept beautifully clean. Personal trainers are on-hand at all times to encourage, guide and support you on your journey, while the activity timetable bursts with unique and inspiring classes to try out.

When it comes to gym memberships, you get what you pay for. Here’s why investing more in your gym may be exactly what you need for your strength, fitness and wellbeing.

1.More than just a gym

Living well is a life journey. Low-budget gyms only cater for a tiny part of that journey - the exercise. Luxury venues cater for your entire lifestyle, offering a complete set of services for a balanced, healthy and happy life. From revitalising spa therapies to expert nutritional guidance, paying more for your gym helps you live life to the fullest. At Holmes Place, we also offer cutting-edge classes such as Airfit and Activate, many exclusive to our club.

2.A happy place

High-end gyms focus so much more on experience. It’s a place where you know you can go and make yourself the person you want to be - and that’s worth investing in. With the power of community, and a team on hand to celebrate your progress, you won’t just be inspired to work out - your whole life will be inspired.

3.Sparkling facilities

From ultra-clean changing rooms to state-of-the-art equipment, the aesthetics and atmosphere that come with higher-priced gym cannot be replaced. Rather than feeling intimidated by a vast range of equipment, top-end gyms also provide top-of-the-line personal trainers who will dedicate their time to making sure you know how to use every machine. With more amenities on offer, you’re also less likely to have to wait for a machine - a common problem at low-cost gyms due to overcrowding.

4.A place to build your vision

When a gym is cheap, we simply don’t commit to them. It’s just a place to sweat. Paying for a high-end gym, with a team on hand to help you reach new goals, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and ultimately, live longer is worth so much more than the membership price. Crystal clean facilities and a plethora of classes are the cherry on the top.

Instead of cutting costs on a cheaper gym, focus your energy and budget on a club that can help you reach your life goals. If you can find a team, class, group, equipment, or club space that makes you want to work out more, it’s worth it.

Posted in Wellness