Five minute plank full body workout: Get fit by standing still, man executing a plank

Five minute plank full body workout: Get fit by standing still

300 seconds of your day is all you need to help you on your way to a stronger, toned body. Sound unbelievable? It’s true - this short burst of exercise has proven results. Enter, the five-minute plank full-body workout.
Filip Szymonik triathlon interview workout training

Triathlon Athlete Workout with Filip Szymonik

Triathlete and Holmes Place personal trainer Filip Szymonik in an exclusive interview. Check out his workout routine that will take you straight to the podium: open water swimming, running, cycling and gym circuit. Be inspired.
workout couple outdoors fitness Holmes Place

Valentine's Day - workout for two

The idea might seem unappealing but we guarantee that working out together as a couple helps in a lot of ways. A little competition can be a source of great motivation. At the same time, knowing that you have each other's back, and are working for a common goal, brings you closer together.
Three great reasons to try Euphoria, Holmes Place, Group classes, woman dancing

Three great reasons to try Euphoria

Hands up if you’re finding fitness a chore rather than an enjoyable experience? Many of us feel that exercise is just another tick-box process that needs doing to keep our body healthy. Well, yawn no more and try Euphoria by Holmes Place.
aerial yoga antigravity suspension training

Six Reasons to Aerial Yoga

Yoga is renowned for stretching, relaxing and meditation. But the introduction of Aerial Yoga into your routine could help you reap even more rewards, both physically and emotionally.
pływak w basenie podczas Holmes Place Indoor Triathlon

Holmes Place Indoor Triathlon - edycja 2018/2019 - terminy startów oraz wyniki

Wystartuj i spróbuj swoich sił w indoor triathlonie. Rozpoczynamy cykl startów zimowych - wiosennych w Holmes Place Hotel Hilton.