3 Popular training moves with kettlebells

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Training with kettlebells shapes your body and improves your strength and physical endurance. When you exercise with kettlebells you do not only use shoulder muscles but you also work with your hips, legs and buttocks.


It is one of basic exercises with kettlebells. However, before we start we have to choose appropriate weight. It will depend on the level of your shape, strength of abdominal muscles and strength of back muscles. For beginners, it is recommended not to match more weight than 40% of the maximum swing. All previously mentioned groups of muscles as well as stabilizing muscles play an important role in this exercise because they enable to maintain proper posture.

Stand with your legs slightly apart and slightly bent them in the knees. Shoulder blades pulled back, bent arms slightly at the elbows. Remember to keep the natural curvature of your spine and to maintain tension in your abdominals. We begin the exercise by putting our torso in perpendicular to the floor. Then we grab the kettlebell and start to swing it freely in a pendulum motion. We will be moved to the standing position by pushing out our pelvis. As a result, the kettlebell will be lifted to the chest level. To end the exercise, we move the weight freely back to the starting position.



This exercise strengthens mainly muscles of the shoulder girdle. After completing the training program which is focused on the bench press, performing the classic push-ups will not be a problem.
Exercise contains three phases: 1) dynamic toss, 2) holding (kettlebell should be over your head), 3) free descending the weight to the starting position. We begin from holding the weight at the chest level, with legs slightly bent. Then quickly lift the weight above your head and with a little resistance, slowly return the weight to the starting position (legs bent, back slightly inclined).



This is an advanced exercise. Due to the high risk of injury, it is recommended for people who are experienced in training with kettlebells. The main advantage of this exercise is that it burns high amount of calories. When you want to learn snatching it is better to start with basic exercises such as the swing or the toss. As a result we strengthen the shoulder stabilization, increase the range of motion and strengthen the shoulder girdle.
Our body position in the first part of this exercise is similar to the position in the swing. We hold the kettlebell in one hand. The main element in this exercise is a dynamic push out of a kettlebell by using our pelvis. When the weight is at the chest level, a slight retraction of the shoulder allows us to reverse it onto our forearm. Holding the weight above our head is the final position.


If you have more questions regarding exercises with kettlebells ask our Personal Trainer.

Krzysztof Kubiak
Fitness, Regional Fitness Manager
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