4 incredible yogis who will inspire you to take to the mat

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Those who practice yoga (otherwise known as yogis) prove that there is no specific body type, age or other limitation that can keep the true seekers from finding this path. Choosing yoga is something we all have the innate ability to pursue. These are the examples of those who did it against all odds - they’re sure to inspire your own journey towards “the self”.

1. The world’s oldest yoga instructor
Motto: There is nothing you cannot do.

Several amazing Western yogis prove to be enjoying exercise and life way into their 90s. At 97 years old, Tao Porchon-Lynch is recognized as the oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness World Records.

Along with her practice, there are other tips for a long and active life the former actress/dancer likes to share - they include eating small portions of food (no overeating) and even drinking a little wine. Now that’s advice we like to hear.

2. Yoga in all shapes and sizes
Motto: Yoga for all.

Dianne Bondy is yoga teacher, author and motivator; passionate about creating a more diverse world on the mat. She’s a highly recognised voice in the Diversity in Yoga and Yoga of Inclusion movements - where those of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds are embraced.

In her workshops and sessions she advocates self-empowerment, compassion and the path to contentment through yoga to understand and fight what she considers a deviated belief system that demands our attention.

3. Yoga for healing and health
Motto: Learning to live an authentic life.

Danielle Orner was diagnosed with bone cancer at age fifteen, undergoing amputation and surgeries in a decade filled with hardship. Her struggle and fight to overcome the disease led her to a yogi lifestyle, including a vegan diet and a complete acceptance of her wills and nature.

Today Danielle, now a yoga instructor herself, has been cancer-free for six years and is seen as an inspiration by many, continuing to spread her message of positive transformation.

4. Yoga for hope and perseverance
Motto: Never, ever give up

For 15 years, Arthur Boorman was unable to walk on his own due to war injuries.

The 47-year-old Gulf War veteran suffered from severe back pain and was overweight, needing the help of canes to support himself. Finding yoga (and an instructor that believed in his progress), Arthur begun to train and gradually recovered balance, stability and the self-confidence to feel happier with himself.

In half a year he had recovered, overcoming chances and proving to be an inspiring story for many ever since it went viral in 2012.

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