5 benefits of trampolining that will get you bouncing

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The aerobic workout is no longer just for kids. Adults are ditching boring routines in favour of the fun-filled exercise, with dedicated classes and specialist parks springing up left, right and centre to accommodate its growing popularity.

But why should you jump aboard the bandwagon? We’ve got five excellent reasons to leave earthbound activities behind and bounce your way to a fitter body in no time...

1. It’s incredibly fun
How often do you dread going out for a run, especially after a long day at work? That’s not the case for trampolining. If you’ve ever played on a trampoline (or bouncy castle for the big kids), you’ll understand it’s a constant source of fun and giggles. And trampolining workout classes are no different.

Although you’ll be working hard and burning fat throughout, you won’t notice the hard work as much like you do on the treadmill. Time flies when you’re having fun - before you know it, you’ll have completed a 45 minute workout.

2. Low impact, low risk
Treadmill left your body in tatters? If you’ve been warned off taking part in high impact exercises such as running and squatting, this is a great way to inject a dose of cardiovascular activity to your workout routine.

Trampolining maintains a cardiovascular focus but reduces impact by a whopping 40%. Meaning? You’re less likely to injure yourself and it provides relief for your joints. Winning all round.

3. Blast fat
It may be fun, but this workout can burn a serious amount of calories.

Due to its low impact nature, a 10 minute trampoline session can burn the same amount of fat as a 30 minute run. That’s up to 1,000 calories an hour. Making it more effective to hang up your running shoes and pull on your favourite trampolining socks.

And that’s not all. This form of exercise is also said to kick start your metabolism. With your metabolic rate working harder, your body is able to process nutrients more effectively. Trampolining, we love you.

4. Build stronger bones
Would you believe us if we told you to bounce your way to strong bones? It’s true. Science tells us that the acceleration and deceleration of jumping on a trampoline makes the body interpret the movement as an increase in gravitational pull. Our bones grow stronger and denser in response to the exercise, which is brilliant for helping prevent injury in the long run.

5. Improve balance
Throughout the trampolining workout, you’ll be constantly aware of your centre of balance due to unstable nature of the trampoline floor. This awareness will cause you to concentrate on maintaining your balance, especially during high jumps and difficult positions. The more you practice these various jumps, you’ll see an increase in your motor skills and coordination.

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Posted in Fitness