6 tips to get your body fit for winter

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No matter if you are doing cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skiing or ice-skating - all kind of winter sport activities offer you lots of fun.
The impact of these activities on your body will be underestimated most of the time.

Therefore we have some beneficial tips for you to get ready:

1. Start to workout NOW

2. Combine your training with special exercises for your quadriceps, high repetitions and static exercises i.e. hold a squat or lunge position for 15 sec.

3. Stability training on unstable underground (MFT-Board, Bosu Ball, Fit ball, rolled Gymnastic Matt) promotes your balance and strengthens your deep muscles.

4. Coordination training improves your reaction skills and also your deeper muscles. For example, you can combine your running training with coordinating exercises. Every third step put your knee higher up to your chest or your heel to your but. It is also very effective when your fifth step is a big one to the side instead forward.

5. Improve your stamina of all the muscle groups used in your intended discipline, i.e. cross trainer for cross-country skiing, skating simulation machine for ice skating. Interval Sessions are always a great combination.

6. Be consistent and accurate while training!


To get results you should start preparing at least 6 weeks before your winter trip and workout 3 x a week. Use the tips above and you’ll feel the difference on the slope.
Enjoy your winter holidays doing what you love the most, and prepare for it beforehand by getting your body fit for the winter disciplines. No injuries, no problems! For more support, contact our professionals to get custom made training plan.

Thomas Tejral
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Austria

Posted in Fitness