AQUA FIT - water training

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AQUAFIT – training in the water

It's curious how often we find excuses, just to avoid taking a particular action. Now, there are so many possibilities in exercise, that it's simply impossible to get bored at the gym.

Aquta-Fit is a great exercise program involving all the muscles without encumbering them. It also helps coordinate body movement with your breath. Besides guided excercise, swimming is also recommended (not only in a group – private lessons with an instructor are possible), which is great for your back muscles and spine. Are you sure your back is okay, if you can't stand straight for more than 10-15 minutes?!

Water aerobics is perfect for people of all ages.

Mature ladies love it, also pregnant women or convalescents often take part in the classes. The swimming pool is a great place for youngsters also. During classes at the pool, your children can play with you while you exercise. This means that you can spend a family Saturday afternoon enjoying healthy entertainment and walk off on slender legs, too.

And now some data taken from
  • Did you know that the hydrostatic pressure of the water acts as a lymphatic massage? As the body is being massaged by water, the blood circulation improves, which means the removal of toxins, and harmful products of metabolism, happens faster.
  • Activities such as Aqua-Fit allow you to burn more calories than normal – up to 500 calories in 45 minutes! After giving birth, women often fight with overweight, stretch marks and cellulite, and a less firm body overall.
  • Water sports are also a solution for those who do not like to sweat. As it turns out, a large part of us simply does not like to exercise because of sweat, wet clothes and overheating of the body. To these people, I would recommend training in the pool.

If you think that exercise in the pool is a lesser challenge, you will quickly change your mind after first 10 minutes! See you in class!

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