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You find it hard to get out of the bed for morning exercises? You want motivation, cut down workout sessions and lack of the enthusiasm you had before? These are the signs of fitness boredom. If they sound familiar, you should change something in your fitness habits.

An osteopathic family physician Craig Wax says: "Oftentimes people forget that a periodic change in your routine can not only benefit different muscles, but prevent the boredom that many of us experience,” (based on article from American Osteopathic Association).

Nowadays gyms and fitness clubs offer a wide range of studio classes, personal training sessions and other programs. Statistics shows that 47 % people prefer cardio training or aerobics, 22,4 % do muscle strengthening activities but 18,8 % like to combine these two types of activities (based on data from Statistic Brain).

If you are getting bored by running on treadmill, doing cross training again or cycling, join studio classes such as spinning, Zumba or Les Mills classes, an innovative approach to group training that will help you to feel comfortable and deliver the results you desire. These classes will not only help to keep your heartbeat up and burn more calories, they are also fun, effective and often available in many different times during the day. Instead of weight lifting just try TRX belts or various forms and equipments from our very popular functional training, which also helps to strengthen all your muscle groups (articles from Ace Fitness and Fit Day).

During summer, a good alternative for the gym can be training outside. Instead of using treadmill, stair climber or a stationary bike, go and run or cycle outside with others and enjoy the fresh air. You can also have your swimming training or aqua aerobics in a lake or open pool together with your friends. Hiking can be easily compared with using a stair climber, and it is more adventurous (article from Ace Fitness). Outdoor activities not only help to improve your physical health, but also well-being and mental health.

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Here is a handful of other tips that will help you fight fitness boredom:

  1. Keep your fitness playlist fresh and upbeat during your chosen fitness activity.
  2. Download an audiobook of your favorite author and enjoy the story while doing cardio, the time will pass incredibly fast.
  3. Get a workout partner. You will be less likely to skip a workout if someone is training with you.
  4. Set reachable goals and challenge yourself - small steps and goals will bring better, long lasting and noticeable results, what will encourage you to only do more.

(based on article from Men’s Fitness).

People are fighting with fitness boredom in diverse ways. One of many inspiring stories is the one of Emma Freedman, 32, when she became bored with her workout schedule in the gym and she booked a class at trapeze school. Now, some 200 classes later, she is still taking three or four classes a week and her enthusiasm for working out continues to gain momentum. That emotional boost is grounded in the gains she’s experienced in both her physical and mental strength (based on article from Experience Life).
If you are experiencing fitness boredom, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. As Bruce Lee once said: “If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Elina Gerharde
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