Bike Ride Playlist

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November spins in and with it comes a chance for you to improve as a cyclist or merely to enjoy yourself while you ride the best indoor bikes. iCycle is a complete training program, that includes four different levels adaptable to the challenge you desire. It will help to develop techniques designed to get you in shape and to improve fitness level, core strength, toning bottom and legs along the way.

To set the mood right we have prepared a list of songs that will join you in your ride, from beats to drumbeats, from electronica to wailing guitars, from some true classics to new songs, all promise to tune you into cycling game... at every turn.

Because all cycling is progressive, this next music list presents you with some downhills and some uphills as well, but all is set to make you appreciate the surroundings and enjoy the journey. With these songs, you will be riding but at the same time singing and enjoying the ride and not focusing on the demanding exercise you're getting.

Here is our monthly selection of songs, ready to go to the Club and at the same time to make you smile, just like when you were a kid and went on adventures with your friends... riding your own bike.

Posted in Fitness