Body Combat through the eyes of a member

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BODY COMBAT through the eyes of a member

I was tempted to do something completely new and I can't remember the last time I was surprised this positively. Training made such an impression on me that I can't stop talking about it even at home, all in smiles and energy. It all started in a funny way…

I like change, so I decided to check on what the new Holmes Place schedule had to offer. I've never before been to Body Combat by Les Mills classes and I admit that I did not even realize what the name exactly meant. I went to the fitness class. There was someone training boxing individually. I waited a moment, looking up. Previous classes had finished and two trainers were already in the studio. I entered with another woman. I anxiously watched the ladies putting on some kind of special gloves. At this point, I froze. Bearing in mind the boxing classes that have just finished, I thought that I will be hitting a leather bag without fenders the next minute! I believe that the confusion was painted on my face very clearly. The trainer asked: Who is here for the first time? Without thinking, I raised my hand. I wanted to point out that I am a beginner, I do not know how to do it and that she won't need to beat me too hard at all ... Ha ha ha. I got a few tips and a word of comfort to a good start. After that, rhythmic music played. Nobody beat me, and I also did not have to – but the biggest fun I had in Holmes Place had began.

Some data:
  • Body Combat by Les Mills classes are a very energetic form of workout, inspired by various styles of combat, such as kickboxing, karate, kung fu, taekwondo, muay thai, tai-chi and capoeira.
  • Throwing punches and kicks is arranged in a short choreography, which allows you to keep the rhythm, consistency and pace, which gets dizzyingly fast.
  • Body Combat includes all types of training. It improves fitness and strength, a well-sculpted silhouette, burns hundreds of calories, and further improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs.
  • It corrects the figure and as I learned, self-confidence.

I admit that the training is not too feminine an activity. Despite this, the vast majority of participants are women. The whole concept is to fight with a shadow. The opponent that does not exist. This means that there is no physical contact during training. Your well-being is improved by training your skills and realizing that you can defend yourself.

To those who are still searching for their favorite club activities I would recommend giving Body Combat classes a try – it's the place where you stop whining.

Check our current schedule of this class and create your own experience.

Holmes Place member since March 2013

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