Class of the month: Aqua Fit

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If you are just beginning to introduce exercise into your lifestyle this can be a stress free and injury free solution, while if you already workout this class can complement your regular routines to increase your strength, resistance and, of course, the fun you have at the Club.

This therapeutic exercise can be done with higher or lower degrees of intensity and in the usual one-hour class of water aerobics you’ll be able to burn around 400 to 600 calories depending on your fitness level, weight and overall physical condition.

Among the benefits of this group class is the fun you’ll get from splashing in the water, feeling refreshed and light. It’s a highly enjoyable class where you’ll be invited to coordinate your movements and energy in order to work your muscles, posture and balance. While you have most of your body submerged, creating resistance to your movement and increasing your efforts and results, you are also being supported by the buoyance, and therefore you’ll have a lower impact in your joints and bones.

The class will improve your fitness levels without adding an extra effort to your bone structure no mater the physical condition you start with. While you’re enjoying your experience in the water you are also improving the blood circulation, your skin and overall body appearance. Water will massage your legs and stomach, preventing fluid retention and performing like a lymphatic massage.

You’ll also be welcomed to a group that shares your interests in wellbeing, health and fitness and you’ll be able to enjoy all your club’s benefits by jumping into the Jacuzzi or enjoying the sauna or Turkish bath after your class.

If you haven’t tried it yet, be inspired by our class and visit a club near you.

Posted in Fitness