Do it for yourself: 10 reasons to get in shape

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Are you trying to get fit for the right reasons? Though the word ‘exercise’ has a single dictionary definition, our reasons for doing it spread far and wide - and go far beyond the mainstream goals of slimming down or toning up.

Getting fit, in fact, can be a key supporter in almost every area of self-improvement: from helping to eradicate anxiety and low self-esteem, to combatting sleepless nights and ageing. Whatever the best version of you looks like, make no mistake. Exercising will help you get there, and the benefits are countless. Here are just 10 reasons why you should get started today. 

1. You’ll feel more confident 

Getting fit helps you to feel your absolute best - in mood and body. As you become stronger, achieve physical goals and feel more focused, your mood will soar. Before you know it, you’ll be radiating confidence from the inside out. 

2. You’ll sleep better

Exercising supports you in both falling asleep and spending more time in deep sleep. This is the part of sleeping in which your immune system is strengthened and feelings such as stress and anxiety are controlled, helping you to wake up truly rejuvenated. Need 10 natural tips to sleep better?

3. You’ll feel more productive

Have a big project or presentation coming up? A quick workout might be in order. Exercise enhances cognition by making our hippocampus (the critical part of our mind for learning and memory) work harder and increasing blood flow to the brain, according to an article in the Scientific American. 

4. You’ll live longer

If there was ever an incentive to stay fit, this is it. Exercise keeps your body fit and strong, strengthening everything from your heart to your muscles, immune system to your bones. 

5. You’ll have improved mental health

While you’re trekking the treadmill or bossing the bell weights, your brain is hard at working making positive changes. Exercise promotes neural growth and new activity patterns that encourage an overall sense of calm - in some cases, working as effectively as antidepressants.

6. You’ll have more energy 

It might sound contradictory, but fighting fatigue is helped by moving more, not less. Working out increases your stamina by strengthening your heart and simultaneously spiking your endorphin levels, making you feel more energetic. Here are the gym machines that can boost your energy.

7. You’ll age better

Planning on being a silver fox (or vixen)? A study from Preventive Medicine shows that people who exercise more can look and feel up to nine years younger than those who are sedentary, as it preserves the health of your ‘telomeres’, which stop your chromosomes from deteriorating.

8. You’ll have a faster metabolism

By exercising, you burn calories both when you are and aren’t moving. With regular resistance training (like weight-based workouts), you’ll maximise your lean body mass and increase your overall metabolic rate. More tips to increase your metabolism.

9. You’ll be less prone to ailments

Fitness is free medication. It reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure, decreases back pain, prevents certain cancers and Alzheimer’s and provides fantastic support for your immune system.

10. You’ll be able to handle stress better

Had a bad day? Give yourself a physical pep talk with a visit to the gym, which’ll increase your levels of adrenaline (making you more alert) and stimulate your endorphins (‘feel good’ hormones) to improve your overall mood. 

Know that we've got your motivation high - it's time to get started. Begin your journey today.

Posted in Fitness and tagged Life, Metabolism, Energy, Rest, Fitness.