Exercise During Pregnancy.

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Women who exercise frequently start to question whether they will be able maintain their normal workout routine. Women who have never exercised before wonder if they should start doing something to help them stay fit and healthy during this special time.

Exercising when pregnant is safe and has many benefits for both mother and baby, providing mum is healthy and there are no pregnancy complications. If a mother is physically active before pregnancy, she should be able to continue exercising as before (with small changes where necessary), as long as she is comfortable and has her doctor's approval.

Exercising can help a woman get stronger, which can shorten labour time and aid delivery. This can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, eliminate back pain and constipation and speed up recovery after delivery. It is also a great way to improve posture, compensate for the additional weight gain, and reduce backache and general fatigue.

Despite the many benefits, there are some important caveats to bear in mind, moderation being one of them. Download the special Guide we've prepared and get ready to enjoy this special moment with safety and health.


Posted in Fitness