Hottest fitness trends for 2018

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Whatever your taste, personality, location, daily calendar, or health situation, you should be able to find at Holmes Place the perfect blend of activities to suit your goals and desires.

2017 was a great year for gym evolution. Holmes Place alone has unique fitness fixtures that are growing in popularity, from BalletFlow to Antigravity aerial yoga class.

It’s certain that 2018 is set to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever. Here’s what’s emerging in the world of physical and mental fitness for the year ahead:

One we’re already onto at Holmes Place, but this pool-based sweatathon is rapidly growing among trendy fitsters in L.A, so expect to see more of it as the year goes on. Working out on water is the ultimate in core stability - it’s all about nailing positions such as planks, squats and other active movements on a platform that floats. Thanks to the water-based board, you’ll enjoy high-intensity training without the high impact on your joints.

Xpress Classes
Get ready to meet the class that meets your pace. With Xpress clases you’ll make the most of your gym time in just 15 minutes. Focus on the body areas you want, in high-speed, high intensity classes that deliver what you are looking for. Stay tuned for more news on our Xpress Classes.

Roller and stretching
Foam roll exercises allow for a deep massage that allows muscles to relax and recover. Classes that use this specific equipment will allow participants to enjoy a new fitness experience, guided by experts, to guarantee the best results, be the main goal focused on performance or pure relaxation.

Smarter recovery
From the art of napping to Yoga and meditation, discerning fitness buffs know the power of a proper recovery. Smashing, crunching and grinding all week takes its toll on your body, so faster healing is heating up the workout world.

Cleansing therapies, steam baths, physiotherapy: Holmes Place Clubs have a wide range of spa and wellness treatments to ensure your get-up-and-go never gets up and goes. Ease your muscles with a top-quality massage or let it all out in a steamy sauna: with the added bonus of stress relief, immune-boosting function and even weight loss, it’s a trend we’re happy to get on top of.

Posted in Fitness