How to lean your legs?

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How to get your legs slim?

Adipose tissue located around the legs is not as difficult to remove as the fat in the lower abdominal area. The use of legs in our daily existence is so frequent that additional multi-joint exercise training solves the problem easily. Slim legs are not only the effect of weight training exercises, but also proper aerobic training (running, cycling, skating, swimming) and maintaining a proper diet.

At the beginning of work on shaping your lower limbs' silhouette, we recommend multi-joint exercise. They can be divided into two groups:

• Pushing exercise: squats, jumping, step
• Lifting: sumo style deadlift, "good morning” style

The first group involve the quadriceps muscles and buttocks, while the latter is focused on the work of the two-headed thigh muscle, adductor muscles and buttocks.
I recommend 3 series of 60 reps for a given exercise with 60 sends intervals.

For beginners, the most reasonable solution would be to do two types of exercises from the first group and one from the second group. However, advanced persons should benefit from the isolated exercises by using shaping machines. To perform these exercises properly I encourage you to seek advice from a Personal Trainer. This applies particularly to the second group of exercises, in which the correct curvature of the spine, particularly in the lumber area, is crucial to achieving the objective of safe training.

Choose special set for your needs and ask our trainer for some tips.

Summer is here, show your legs!

Michał Zieliński
Senior Gym Manager
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Premium Hotel Hilton

Posted in Fitness