How to stretch after cardio?

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Cardio workout is mostly performed in a repetitive way, either it is running or cycling or using the cross-trainer, or even swimming. The following tips will explain how to do a routine of stretching exercises that will benefit every cardio workout.

There are three main reasons why you should stretch out after your cardio session:

  • Stretching helps the muscles to recover faster
  • Stretching increases your movement range and flexibility
  • Stretching helps to reduce muscle fatigue

The following pictures show many examples of exercises which you can alternate. A good stretching routine after cardio workout can be:

  • Quadriceps Stretch (21)
  • Hamstring Stretch (15)
  • Pectoral Stretch (6)
  • Lumbar & Abdominal Stretch (12)


If you are unsure how to perform certain stretches please talk to one of our trainers to guide you through the stretching session that is right for you.

Stefan Edlinger
Holmes Place Austria

Posted in Fitness