It is better in a group?

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Briefly about classes at the fitness studio

Group fitness training is ideal for people who need energetic music, motivation, inspiration and the good vibe of a group workout to establish and pursue new challenges every day. Under the guidance of top-notch instructors, anyone can achieve their goal in training, and have fun and meet new people at the same time. The variety of forms makes it easy to find activities best suited to your abilities, skill level and interests. One thing is certain:

Together We Can Do More!

Activities such as CARDIO, DANCE and MARTIAL ARTS greatly improve cardio-respiratory function, general fitness and coordination, help burn a lot of calories, contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure and lower "bad" LDL cholersterol levels.

STRENGTH classes are based on the simultaneous burning of fat, and modeling and sculpting the figure. Through the use of various types of fitness equipment, such as elastic bands, weights, barbells and steps, anyone can increase their muscle strength in selected body parts. This allows for an improved posture, stabilization of the figure, and getting rid of excess fat tissue.

BODY & MIND classes are a peaceful form of exercise, where you learn about controlling your own body and proper breathing. This is not only an excellent form of relaxation, but also training, which increases muscle flexibility, joint mobility, thereby reducing the risk of muscle strain and injury.

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Lidia Zamyłko
Studio Business Manager
Holmes Place Poland

Posted in Fitness