Keep the gym this summer: 9 reasons you shouldn’t ditch the club

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But between scorching temperatures, humidity and over-friendly bugs, it’s tempting to shun the sweaty session in favour of chilling out with an ice-cold drink. At Holmes Place, we believe that fitness is a way of life - which means working out throughout the year, whatever the weather.
If you’re keen to skip the indoor routine and relax in the sun, here are six reasons to forget slacking off and pack that gym bag:

1. Extra cool results.

As temperatures soar, spending extra time in an air-conditioned gym can be just what you need to beat the heat. The cool comfort of the gym can help extend your workout in the summer and is a welcome antidote to sweaty outdoor sessions.

2. Make a splash.

Head to your club’s pool and reap the benefits of swimming in summer. You’ll use all your major muscle groups at once, blitzing calories as you go and enhancing your energy levels. Who doesn’t love that post-swim feeling as you step out into the sun?

3. Quieter gym.

More people outside, lazing on the beach, or jetting off on holiday means less people in the gym. This is brilliant news if your favourite machine tends to constantly be in use - no waiting around for a fellow member to finish their sets.

4. Stay on track.

Ditch the gym in summer and you’ll find it harder to get back into your fitness routine once fall arrives. Keeping on track with your gym classes and schedule will help you feel more achieved and full of energy for the long-term.

5. Beach body forever.

You’ve worked hard in the winter and spring to slim down in the spring, so why stop in the summer months? As temperatures rise, you’ll look toned and tanned ready to hit the beach - even more so if you’re regularly hitting the gym.

6. Holiday gains.

When you’re working out and living a healthy lifestyle, the odd treat is entirely fine. No one wants to count calories when you’re on holiday, and working out can give you the confidence to indulge in that ice-cream or sip a fresh cocktail by the sea. Balance is they key to happiness.

7. Better sleep.

We all know what it’s like when humid, balmy nights kick in. If you’re forever switching to the cool side of the pillow, exercise! Regular workouts lengthen and deepen sleep - making it easier for you to drift off on those warmer evenings.

8. Boost metabolism.

As your body craves more water in the summer, you’ll naturally drink more, bumping up your metabolic rate and excreting toxins from your body. At the gym, chilled water is readily available - or you can even treat yourself to a refreshing, nutrient-rich juice.

9. More endorphins.

Step out of your club post-workout and you’ll be buzzing from all the feel-good chemicals released during your cardio session. Add that to the endorphins released from sunlight and life will be feeling extremely good!

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