New Year Challenge

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Check your possibilities and raise the bar.

Join the New Year Challenge!

Choose one of the following disciplines - if you want, you can select some or all of them.

Check your score during the first measurement.

Throughout the month you will be able to improve your first result under the watchful eye of an Holmes Place instructor.

Win a prize!

Disciplines to choose:

  1. Bench
  2. standing long jump
  3. Rod: lift on the stick (men) overhang on the stick (women)
  4. Burpee: 3 minutes (men), one minute (women)
  5. Treadmill: 3 km (men) 1 km (women)
  6. chair
  7. Oars 500 m: men and women

Please register to the event in the club's reception.

Posted in Fitness