Sports activities for kids: what sport is best for your child?

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Aside from being fun, sports teach kids the importance of teamwork - and if they’re part of a team or class - a sense of belonging, too. Exercise can help children focus in school, as well as aiding sleep at night (great news for parents). See also how you can prepare a sport's themed birthday party that they'll love.
In order to reap the benefits of sports for children, it’s crucial that they love the activity they’re taking part in, so a little variety is fundamental in their active journey to adulthood. Not all kids may have the desire to play sports, and Yoga for Kids can be a good idea to help them stay active and healthy.

These three activities are sure to ignite that youthful desire to get moving:

For fitness and focus: Martial arts

Watch your little one turn into a karate kid this school year and you’ll also see them benefit in several areas of life. The competitiveness of youth often gives way to issues with self-esteem, self-control and displaced aggression. From karate to kung fu and judo to taekwondo, martial arts is not just a physical sport, but one that provides mental and emotional lessons as well. A typical class will begin with warmups such as jumping jacks, pushups and stretches, followed by the muscle-working movements of martial arts itself. They’ll be able to concentrate better, learn respect for others and master the art of defending themselves with smart techniques. Progress is often marked with a belt system - the sense of accomplishment on your child’s face when they level-up is priceless.

For strength and safety: Swimming

Every child needs the chance to learn how to swim - the number one reason being that it’s the only sport that doubles up as a life-saving skill. The benefits of swimming for children are endless. A pool session engages every muscle in the body and is a brilliant aerobic activity to get your kid’s heart pumping. Parents of accident-prone kids will be pleased to know that swimming is least likely to cause injuries, thanks to its low-impact nature - one less thing to worry about. Watch confidence levels soar as your little dolphin’s swimming goes from strength to strength, from swimming the whole way across the pool to diving for toys at the bottom of the deep end.

For socialising and self-expression: Dancing

Your baby was born to dance. Before we even learn to speak, we respond to the rhythm and tempo of music - research even suggests that children smiled more when they moved to the beat. There’s no better way to channel the boundless energy that kids possess than to give them the chance to dance it out. As well as improving flexibility, range of motion, stamina and strength, regular dance classes give your little movers the perfect platform for self-expression. Dance classes are wonderful for your child to improve socialising and communication skills - it’s impossible not to make new friends with a cheery dance group. For shy children, it can also help alleviate fears of socialising and performing in front of an audience.

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