Star Wars Gym Workout

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The final chapter is unfolding in a galaxy … way near you, and we take the opportunity to select the top classes according to the characters we hold dear, the ones we fear the most and newbies. Have a look at our list and see who would you would most likely partner-up with, in one of your favourite group class.

Darth Vader – Bodycombat

star wars special workout darth vader

The force is strong in this one - and so are his outbursts. Energy and emotions run high with Darth Vader - arguably the most infamous Star Wars character. The high intensity of Warrior, that mimics the most celebrated martial arts classes, is where young Anakin Skywalker could excel.

Padmé Amidala - Pool

Born in Naboo, home of beautiful lakes and water landscapes, the senator and wife of Jedi Anakin Skywalker, would put her serenity to good use when mastering the art of swimming: strengthening exercise in a refreshing pool.

R2-D2 - Treadmill

What could give a robot a better workout than a machine? Our little friend would work wonders on the treadmill.

C-3PO – Made in Brazil

A robot who is truly ‘made of steel’ - we think he's perfectly suited to an intense Made in Brazil class. In just half an hour, it works both legs and bottom to tone and shape.

BB-8 - Cycle

Round and round it goes, so much like our stationary bikes. BB-8 can find its rhythm trough any path. Rolling up and down, cruising and feeling the tunes while decreasing stress and anxiety, allowing the mind (and circuits) to focus on the present journey.

Chewbacca - Pilates

chewbacca star wars

The mechanic, co-pilot of Millennium Falcon, has struggled through many difficult and stressful situations. With the help of Pilates knowledge, he will be able to find the balance and core strength to navigate all problems and increase his endurance. After all, he is part of the ‘resistance’.

Master Yoda - Yoga

star wars special workout yoda

Ancient and holistic this class need be. When the mind and body are connected, balanced and strong, you must be in tune with the ways of meditation and yoga. The similarity between the names 'Yoda and 'yoga' can't be just a coincidence.

Han Solo – Outdoor circuit

This adventurer tackles obstacles as part of his daily life, so we challenge him to the Outdoor Fitness workout. Jump, squat, run and reach your goals like you're evading an enemy ship or fighting an army of droids.

Princess Leia - Spartans

leia starwars

This petite but fierce princess has the endurance to fight through all battles to face the tyranny of the dark side. To keep the resistance she would be great at Spartans, the high intensity, super challenging class.

Luke Skywalker - FloatFit

luke starwars

The hero of the first trilogy, Luke is the ultimate traveller, challenging new frontiers and new challenges He would be perfect in our most recent premier FloatFit. Making a splash, finding the perfect balance in a challenging class.

Ewoks - AirFit

Living in tree houses amidst dense foliage, the Ewoks would love to take an Air Fit class. Along with the gear and gadgets they already own, a small trampoline would be the ultimate accessory.

Kylo Ren – Free Weights

This evil warrior may benefit from a full gym circuit in the top equipment’s, lifting weights to keep those muscles of steel in great shape.

Rey - Antigravity

The scavenger is always ready to find the best benefits in every new adventure. Antigravity will be the perfect class to keep her dreams and goals flying high while maintaining the challenge and the fitness level.

We hope you've enjoyed our Star Wars special. May the force (and the fitness) be with you.We hope you've enjoyed our Star Wars special. May the force (and the fitness) be with you.

Posted in Fitness