The best training method in the world!

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If done right, exercise improves mood, builds confidence, eliminates pain, gives energy, relieves stress, increases well-being and connects friends.

Here is a checklist that may help you in pursuit of the right exercise for you:

1. ABILITY – Areas of competence

  • What sport or activity did you do as a child?
  • What sport or activity are you competent at?
  • What sport or activity would you be good at, if you did it regularly?

2. NEEDS – Physical and mental needs

  • Do you like listening to music, social atmosphere or sounds of nature?
  • Do you like the fresh air or do you prefer exercising indoors?
  • Do you like to exercise in your own home or do you prefer to go out?

3. GOALS – Health and fitness goals

  • Are you looking for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance?
  • Are you looking for endurance, fulfilling sport discipline-specific goals, general health or flexibility?
  • Are you looking for energy, stress relief or confidence building?

4. DESIRES – Likes and dislikes

  • What do you love to do and what makes you smile?
  • What activity do you enjoy that doesn’t feel like a chore?
  • What exercise takes the longest to get bored or tired of?

5. MOTIVATION – Key elements to motivate you

  • Intrinsic: are there activities that you do just for the love of it?
  • Extrinsic: are there activities where you love the music, the setting, the people, or the vibe?
  • Do you like challenges and trying new things?

running pair in winter drink water group

Your first goal should be to find an activity that you really enjoy. Take it slow, make exercise a priority and start spreading the word! Go easy on yourself – look for effort not intensity. If you lack motivation then pair exercises with activities you enjoy e.g. dancing; watching TV on the treadmill; catch-up with a friend while exercising. You can enjoy the outdoors by gardening, playing Frisbee, football or golf. If you don’t like competition, join a running club, do aqua-aerobics or a Salsa class. If you like challenge find a tennis partner, join a team sport, or start training for a race! Set small goals, record your progress and reward yourself.

The best training method in the world is finding an activity that presses your buttons so go out there and find your inspiration!

To help you find what you love check some studio classes and find out what makes you happy. For an individual inspiration, meet our professionals to try different forms of training.

Liz Andrews
Fitness Manager
Holmes Place Iberia

Posted in Fitness