The rise and shine playlist to boost your energy

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Spring has arrived: days are getting longer and warmer, plants are growing and flowers blooming.

This is a collection of songs that will make you feel the sunshine caressing your face, that will make you put your hands on your hips, and will make you smile while exercising. After each exercise, you'll even make a little celebration dance. There's no way one can deny this: spring makes us feel happier.

We start with a Portuguese breakthrough band: Galgo. They bring us an insanely danceable track that will give you the right amount of energy to start your workout. After that, we keep you on track with King Tuff, guitar wizard that has collaborated with Ty Segall, while he delivers a soul full and soulful song.

There's also the newcomer Tom Misch with De La Soul, the return of the amazing N*E*R*D or the disco sound classic Shine a Little Love by ELO.

It's a playlist with sunshine written all over it, ready to make you feel the pump to go workout.

It ends with the perfect mood: the one and only Nina Simone saying "hello" to spring. Let us sing with her.

Posted in Fitness