What is the best time to work out during the day?

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Choosing your own training time slot you should consider the following factors:

Sleep. You need appropriate rest. Sleeping is a crucial aspect of any workout program.

Stress. Paradoxically, having a stressful life is the main reason why people don’t exercise, but exercising will help you to minimize stress by releasing endorphins in your body.

Fatigue. When you are tired you are prone to get muscular lesions easily. Your body needs a period of sleep and rest to recover and to prevent injuries that may happen during your workout.

The above factors are personal settings that will affect your workouts, making them more or less effective. I would suggest that you simply have to make time for your workout, it means not only finding the time to go to the gym but also doing an outdoor sports activity of your choice, because everything you do has an impact on your general state of health.

Motivate you mind and your body will follow.

You must consider your body’s needs. Always chose a time that suits you the most and then take time to rest and enjoy feeling well. If you are an early bird and you like to avoid traffic, then just get into your gym clothes, get your office gear on a hanger and start you day at the gym. Or maybe you prefer coming to the gym at lunchtime, when everyone else is gorging on heavy lunch meals? Or maybe you are a member of the majority who prefer to train at night and unwind in the sauna or the pool after a long day of countless meetings and never-ending emails? It’s all up to you, just make it happen and decide when is the best time during your day to recharge your batteries. By following these little tips you will help your brain to relax and your body will inevitably get better.

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Stephanie Scotto
Studio Business Manager
Holmes Place Geneva, Switzerland

Posted in Fitness