What machines I can use to train my legs?

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We will help you to get familiar the machines focusing on training particular parts of your body. This time we will give you a few tips how to strengthen and train your legs. Notice: remember to warm up before your training for safety reasons and better performance.

Leg extension

This training machine will help you to train quadriceps - muscles on the front of a thigh.

  1. Choose the weight. Recommended weight is from 15 to 20 kg.
  2. Sit down and put your legs under the pad.
  3. Start to move your legs upwards so they are extended to the maximum.
  4. Slowly move your legs back to the start position.

Repeat session 12 – 15 times (30 sec) x 3 - 4 series.

art legs

Leg press

Using this machine you will strengthen and train quadriceps but in the same time you’re using your glutes, hamstrings, calves and soleus. Exercising on this machine is almost the same as doing the squats.

  1. Choose adequate weight. For ladies recommended is 20-30 kg but for men 50 kg and up.
  2. Sit down and adjust the equipment.
  3. Start to straighten your legs by slowly pushing against the panel.
  4. Slowly move back to the start position.

Repeat session 12 - 15 times x 3 - 4 series with short breaks.

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After a session of focused leg training we recommend to use a stationary bike. It will help you to relax and stretch the muscles. Cycle for 15 - 20 min only for relaxation and calming down with a stable pace.

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Hopefully you will feel more comfortable now with the use of machines for legs training. Follow our next posts where we introduce more machines and more ways to get your muscles work. To achieve better results ask our Personal Traininer for advice on what is the best form of training for you to achieve your goals.

Martin Pešout
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Premium Andel, Prague, Czech Republic

Model: Christopher Buttigieg
Photo by Elīna Gerharde

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