ZUMBA – workout or dance?

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Zumba! An hour of intense physical exercise after which - if you’re not in shape - the only thing you crave is a shower and water bucket to quench your thirst. After trying few other classes, like Yoga or Body Combat, Zumba seemed a tempting alternative.

I heard a lot about Zumba but never got the gumption to go to a class. I know it is wildly popular in the US for years and it is a recent hit in Poland, therefore I just wanted to check what this FUN is all about. It is a mistake in this case to think fun is easy, light, or requires no effort because Zumba will make you sweat and get your heart pounding.

Before the class, I shyly approached a woman I mistakenly thought was an instructor and asked: “Can a beginner handle this?”. “Everyone was a beginner once”, she answered somewhat vaguely.After ten minutes of intense movement, I understood what she meant – that people who are weak would have a hard time. After 30 minutes, I could swear an hour had passed. The good thing is group classes make you want to keep up with everyone, so you force yourself to lift your leg higher, reach a bit farther and use the last of your strength to keep the beat.

And what a beat it is! Zumba is not exercise, it’s a dance! I’m not a great dancer, but I’ve always been drawn to the dance floor. But when you’re at a party, you have to hold back, because after two songs you start to sweat, your make-up starts to run and your hair gets matted. Then you have to smile nicely to your partner and go to the ladies room to powder your nose. No chance of that during Zumba! The breaks are short, just enough time to catch your breath and change the music.

You want a longer break, but the music gets you moving – samba, Indian rhythms, hip-hop, hot Latin sounds – everything you desire.

I made it. It doesn’t matter that I kept mixing up left and right. It makes no difference that I twice almost ran into other girls on the floor. Who cares that I had to stop to massage a painful cramp in my foot. If you will last til the end – satisfaction guaranteed. Any Zumba fans have similar experience? Share with us!

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April 2013

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