5 main benefits from the intro Nutrition Consultation

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The objective of a nutrition assessment is to enable us to ensure that you reach your health and fitness goals and to inspire a life-long habit of eating well.

Here are 4 main benefits from your introduction meeting with a Nutritionist:

  1. You will receive a comprehensive health check including your physique rating, internal fat level, total body muscle / fat and water water percentages that tells a lot about your lifestyle habits.
  1. You will find out your metabolic age – do you know how old are you on the inside?
  1. You will receive personal tips about your nutrition to help you achieve your goals.
  1. You will have a chance to ask our Nutritionist any questions you may have concerning healthy lifestyle.

Let our Nutritionist help you and advise you, you may be surprised what positive long-term results it may bring to your body and wellbeing.

Remember, a proper diet is responsible for 80% of success to achieve your fitness goals.

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Gemma Bischoff
Regional Nutrition Manager
Holmes Place Switzerland

Posted in Nutrition