Food to avoid eating just before training

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Here are some tips:

1. Proteins: they are slowly digested nutrients; therefore, eating chicken, turkey, meat, fish, dairy products or eggs before training can cause a sensation of heaviness during the exercises. It is better to eat them 2 hours before practicing sports.

2. Fat: digestion of fat is also very slow, therefore, the same as proteins, they can cause a sensation of heaviness during training. So try to avoid: sauces with mayonnaise, cream or butter; peanuts or hazelnuts, and high-fat dairy.

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3. Fibre: eating food rich in fibres before exercising can cause gases and flatulence. So avoid eating oat bran, whole grain cereals, raw vegetables, etc. before training.

4. Hydration: taking liquids before, during and after training is highly beneficial, but taking them in excess could be harmful. To avoid it, it is better to ingest liquid at least 20 minutes before doing exercise, thus it will be used to replace water lost through sweating during the first half hour of training.

5. Do not consume new food: if you are going to run a marathon, it is not recommendable to experiment with new and unknown food, as this can cause unpleasant surprises (Allergic reactions, digestive disorders etc.). Before an important sports event only eat food you are used to; if you want to experiment with something new, do it during the training sessions, never during the days before the race.

Plan what you are going to eat daily, so you that your diet will have all the nutrients you need to maximize your performance. If you have any doubts about how to coordinate work, training and food, consult a nutritionist. He/she will talk you through different options and suggest solutions for every moment of the day.

Isabel Leal
Holmes Place Madrid, Spain

Posted in Nutrition