Foods that supports your New Year’s resolution

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This however will not be achieved with a quick diet or a change in nutrition. The key to success is to proceed with small steps and apply small changes to your daily routine. This is the only way that will transform a change into a habit and help you to benefit from it in the long run.

The important relationship between exercising and eating healthy is always a popular topic that we discuss with friends. We always have to remind ourselves, that only with the right amount of training and the correct diet we can achieve our goals.

We would like to give you some easy starting tips on how to get motivated and support your training with the right nutrition. Your meals should be balanced and consist of a right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fat. Generally you can eat more carbs in the morning and after exercising.


The supply of energy is extremely important for your metabolism. Especially if you have an active day and you work out. The best way to start a dynamic day is with a nutritious breakfast. The right choice would be a good combination of protein, carbs and a little bit of fat. For example:

  • Curd with spelt or oat flakes combined with berries and bio honey.
  • Scrambled eggs (3 eggs) with tomatoes and spelt or whole wheat bread.

After exercising:

It depends how intensive your workout was and what goal you set for yourself. Either way, the body needs to receive the nutrients back that have been used during the training. You could try:

  • Brown rice with chicken and green vegetables
  • Fish with sweet potatoes and salad

salad fish and vegetables


All of us know the feeling when the blood sugar drops after lunchtime. In order to keep the body supplied with the right nutrition and energy, the snacks should always contain plenty of protein and fiber. You could try:

  • Cottage cheese with flax seeds or sunflower seeds
  • Spelt bread with turkey breast and cherry tomatoes

If you include these tips in your daily routine, coordinate them with your training and additionally make sure that you get enough of sleep and drink enough water. You will see that your performance and energy levels will increase significantly and these simple habits will become your daily routine.

We promise it’s worth it! For further tips on nutrition please feel free to contact us.

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