Vitamins and What they do

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The necessary and sufficient intake of these plays a key role in a longer healthier life. We’ve developed a guide to help you check if you may need an extra boost on specific Vitamins and what a deficient intake can mean for your body.

Vitamin A
Daily dose: 0,8 mg
Vitamin A is beneficial for a healthy eyesight, skin and improved appetite and it can prevent night blindness, the deficiency associated with the lack of this Vitamin.
Vitamin A can be naturally found in liver, carrots, green vegetables and egg yolk.

Vitamin B1
Daily dose: 1,5 mg
Vitamin B1, Thiamine, is an essencial mineral that helps the organism to gain energy by helping to process carbohydrates. It is beneficial for your heart, nervous system and also improves digestion. If you’re lacking this Vitamin you can experience confusion, exhaustion and difficulty balancing. 
Find it in whole bread, rice, nuts, egg yoke or corn.

Vitamin B2
Daily dose: 1,7 mg
This Vitamin, Riboflavin, works together with other B Vitamins to generate the body’s necessary energy by helping in the metabolisation. It promotes normal growth and repair, improving skin and hair condition, improving eyesight, protecting the nervous system and helping  digestion.
You can find it in liver, fish, green vegetables or dairy products.

Vitamin B6
Daily dose: 2 mg
Pyridoxine helps the body to absorb proteins and carbohydrates, boosting energy and preventing skin conditions. The lack of the necessary amounts can cause inflammation.
Good sources of B6 besides supplements can be naturally found in whole grains, cereals and beans, fish or bananas.

Vitamin B12
Daily dose: 1 mcg
Beneficial for blood production and nerve development Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin can reduce the feeling of fatigue, reduce the risk of anemia or lack of memory.
Find it in eggs, dairy or shellfish.

Vitamin C
Daily dose: 60 mg
Ascorbic Acid  orVitamin C deficiency can cause fatigue and depression. Include it in your diet with citrus fruits, green vegetables, tomato or peppers to boost your immune system, reduce cholesterol levels and promote a faster healing process of wounds.

Vitamin D
Daily dose: 400 IU
The lack of Vitamin D can result in week bones and damaged or unhealthy teeth and depression. You can naturally increase your intake of this Vitamin by increasing your (safe and UV ray protected) exposion to the sun. Fish and dairy are another good source of tVitamin D.

Vitamin E
Daily dose: 10mg
This Vitamin will naturally promote detox and destroy toxins in your body, fighting muscle weakness and overall improving health condition.
You can find it in dry fruits, green vegetables, eggs and vegetable oil.

Daily Dose: 800 mg
For healthy tweet, bones and blood circulation the intake of Calcium is mandatory but you should look for foods that improve it’s absorption such as broccoli and other green vegetables.

Folic Acid
Daily dose: 400 mcg
Folic Acid is necessary to fight anemia and fatigue and to produce red blood cells. Eggs, carrots, avocado, whole wheat and green leafy vegetables are good natural sources.

Daily dose: 14 mg
Recommended to boost the immune system, muscle function and improve concentration, Iron will also reduce irritably and fatigue. Dry fruits like nuts, egg yolks, red meat and whole grains are natural sources you can add to your diet.

Daily dose: 15 mg
Lack of Zinc can cause hair loss, skin and eye conditions and intestinal diseases among other problems. Increase it’s intake by consuming selfish or whole grains that will boost your immune system.

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