Why vitamins are important for our body?

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Every bodily function, from digestion, muscle movement to thinking requires proper vitamins. Different vitamins provide different benefits, and if you include all of them in a properly balanced diet, you will be stronger, healthier and full of energy for longer.

Some basic tips on how to do it:

• If youur diet lacks natural nutrients and minerals then you should substitute themwith synthetic vitamins. It's true that swallowing vitamins in capsules is more convenient and faster, but synthetic vitamins cannot completely replace natural nutrients in a balanced diet.

• In case of a surplus of the vitamines, omit certain foods. Yes, you can overdose on vitamins, too!

Increase your intake of vitamins during illness, pregnancy or other physical or mental exertions.

• Fruits and vegetables should be consumed mostly raw. Vitamins that they contain are soluble in water, and heating / cooking leads to loss of nutrients and vitamins.

Eat fruits, vegetables and good quality vegetable oils or animal fats in the form of lean meat. Vitamins are soluble in fats, as well.

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Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to make sure your body gets sufficient amount of vitamines.

TIP: Benefit even more from your glass of fresh juice in the morning by adding a drop of olive oil! Your body will absorb vitamins easier that way.

Caution: Nutrient deficiency may cause health problems and lead to some serious complications like fatigue, diabetes, infertility, increased risk of cancer, etc.

To truly ensure that your body gets the proper intake of vitamins, you need to consider factors such as age, physical activity level, allergies, diet, and adjust your diet to suit these factors. Consult a Nutritionistto find out what vitamins and in what doses you should include in your personal diet.

Lucie Oliveriusová
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