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Search your soul to find if you really want to eat healthier food or if you secretly desire to lose weight regardless of the health factor. And if so, maybe you are afraid to admit to it? If you starve yourself in the name of so called "healthy eating" then your body doesn't get enough nutrition work effectively, and this can lead to health problems. Often the result is that, paradoxically, there is no weight loss, and most likely you will not feel happy or satisfied with this type of eating plan in your life.

We all have certain goals, which we attain like: to lose weight, to gain weight, to get toned, feel better and have more lust for life. Did you know that about 60% of your success is food? The rest is hard work, determination and exercise. Healthy eating makes you feel better and healthier, and that will also help to shed a few pounds of excess fat.

Have breakfast!

A healthy breakfast will provide you with enough energy to start the day. Go for oat or buckwheat flakes with skim milk or yogurt. An addiction of fruit is a great energy booster. Skipping breakfast leads to slow metabolism, gives you a taste for sweets and also of course leads to eating larger portions for lunch and dinner. As a consequence of eating large lunch and dinner, the body stores excess of fats that you don't want.

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Have a snack!

Replenish the energy in order to keep going at work. Never snack on sweets like cookies, cakes and candies. Of course it will help to raise your blood sugar and give you a surge of energy but it will also paradoxically, make you feel tired and depressed after the high wears off.

Have a proper lunch!

Never skip the side dish. Without a side dish it will all lead to a taste for sweets and evening eating. Lunch should consist of lean meat or fish, with a side dish of steamed/fresh vegetables or fruit salad.

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Snack in the afternoon!

Do not rely on the fact that you will soon dine. Do not let the so-called "hunger attack" take place. An assault on the fridge and an evening binge is something you really don’t want. You should eat dinner at the latest around seven pm (definitely not much later than that). Again, do not skip dinner, it is vitally important. Load up your plate but on a smaller scale. It is not always true that when you go to bed late you can have a late dinner. At bed time your metabolism slows down and your body is preparing for regeneration. It does not need to deal also with the digestion of food, which makes for an uncomfortable sleep and rapid weight gain!

Don’t diet, just eat healthy!

Don‘t hesitate to contact us if you need support in order to to start healthy eating and to find your real nutrition goal.

Zuzana Malastova
Nutrition Consultant
Holmes Place Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

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